Episode 27: How to leave my current salon with integrity

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Episode 27: How to leave my current salon with integrity and grace

It's been a minute! In this episode I discuss with you how to leave your current salon without being sneaky and dishonest. I have left salons in a sneaky way and it ended up feeling really icky and burning bridges in the end.

As a salon owner, I have also made many mistakes as people moved on from my salon. I was resentful, salty and didn't give them a chance to finish off two weeks; in the end, this hurt me as a salon owner!

The goal of this episode is to share with you how to leave with integrity on both ends and salvage the relationship. I know it's not always a perfect world, however if you leave with integrity and grace, YOU will win in the end no matter how the other party reacts.

I also touch on perfectionism, what it looks like and share with you some of my personal struggles with it.

We also discuss knowing if and when you're ready to leave your current salon.

I mention with you all my non-solicit agreement I had all of my employees sign in lieu of a non-compete and explain why. I have shared this document in my Mastermind group!

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