Mastermind Experience (MME) has evolved quickly over the last nine months from a humble FB education group to a new experience on Workplace! Workplace is Facebook's new platform for groups! We are so excited to launch on this brand new platform. Workplace is easy to use and offers more powerful tools to share and learn. We are so excited to meet you in MME! XO Gina

Packed with value, this closed empowerment group will take members through a monthly journey focusing on key areas of salon business! This isn't just an educational group. This is a tribe. Together we learn, share and grow by having honest conversations, sharing our journey behind the chair and by truly motivating one another to success.

Topics Include: specialty hair color, cutting, styling, bridal business, consultation, social media, pricing, difficult conversations, salon systems, extensions and SO MUCH MORE.

When I created The Hair Doctor: Mastermind, I wanted to bring like-minded people together and bring my education online. This group has become my favorite part of my career because the people are so incredibly amazing. I have been inspired each and every day by the stories in Mastermind, the relationships we have built and the amazing content we have created.

We are so excited to now offer our members the opportunity to grow with MME as monthly contributors + content creators. As a content creator and contributor you have the opportunity to share your passion, technique and education with 700+ amazing members who will help you grow!

Want to be a part of a something special? Join us in MME. We can't wait to meet you!

What's Included Every Month:
  • Access to previous months content
  • New Mastermind Tribe contributors every month (this could be you!)
  • Front two rows at all classes
  • Meet ups at all major events (BTC SHOW, PREMIER ORLANDO, ISSE)
  • Gina will answer most questions if they haven’t been answered already
  • Business videos released every month
  • Technical videos released every month
  • Joshua Ladner @ItsMrJLadner technical video each month
  • Most of Gina's IG Live Chats will be posted in MME
  • 10% off all coaching, classes and apparel using your special code
  • Unlimited group support with people just like you!
  • Monthly book/podcast with discussion
  • Opportunity to work crew at Gina's events
  • Opportunity to contribute as an educator + content creator
  • Access to our super secret NEW MME Retreat launching in 2020

packed with value $20.00/month


How do I sign up?

From this page, follow the instructions above.

Be sure to finish the last step "pay and check out" or you will not be subscribed!

Check your e-mail and download the welcome file attached. You are officially subscribed to MME!

Wait for your enrollment email, closer to the end of the month inviting you in for next month!

You wont be billed until the first of the month ahead!

Where is my membership plan/credit card info living?
All memberships and payments go through your Paywhirl account!

What is a Paywhirl Account?

Paywhirl is our payment plan system!

How much is the subscription?

The subscription is $20/month!

Do I need a Facebook account to join?

Not anymore! We have moved to our new platform Workplace by Facebook! Workplace has an app you can download to access MME instantly without Facebook!

But I need a Workplace Account?

Yes! In order to join you will have to make a Workplace account (takes under a minute) when you join! This will be separate from any Facebook log in!

Please use the same e-mail for Workplace that you used for Paywhirl!

How to see if I subscribed?


Log In

Click the drop down menu

Click Subscriptions

Do you see MME Experience? If so, you're subscribed!

How do I unsubscribe?


Log In

Click the drop down menu

Click Subscriptions

Do you see MME Experience? Click cancel

Come back anytime! We will miss you!

Why did my payment come out early?

Depending on your time zone, your payment may process the day before.

What month am I paying for when I pay?

You are always paying for the month ahead!

When will I be able to join the group?

Enrollment begins 3 days before the end of the month, giving everyone with subscriptions time to enter the group.

How will I know how to enter the group?

You will receive an e-mail with an invitation to our super secret Workplace group!

When does class begin?

You will receive an e-mail with an invitation to our super secret Workplace group!

If you have subscribed for next month, you will be added into the group for the next month!

What if I miss my payment or it gets declined?
Paywhirl will try again two times! After that you will be removed. Please leave our group if you unsubscribe to help us with enrollments. We don't appreciate squatters :)